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This is in no way meant as a joke.  I am totally serious.  I love the female form and believe that women should be treated as the goddesses that they are.  If you would like to be worshipped and pleased in every way that I am able to please you, please sign up.
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There are many health benefits from orgasm.  Orgasm increases your immune system, keeps the heart strong, helps raise metabolism, burns calories and fat, and reduces stress levels.  It also causes your body to release natural pain killers.  It also brings pleasure and happiness.  So there are many reasons I am doing this.
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I need feedback so I know what I am doing right and anything I may be doing wrong.  If you have any suggestions or special needs that I can help you with, please let me know how I can help you.  Feedback and comments help me to better please everyone who I help with this service.  You can also email me to give me this information.  Thank you for using this service.
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